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Friday, 29 January 2016

Are you sure you are an Indian? Humanity Expired


"Bhai , Gareeb hain upar se khuda ka kehar bhookhe hain'' a mid aged man smiled out of helplessness and replied when i asked him the reason for not going close enough to watch the Parade that was being organised on a government occupied land courtesy Republic day celebrations.

''Kisne roka hai aapko? Chaliye mere sath'' I told him to accompany me to the parade audience.

''Babu bahar nikaal dega, jaane dijiye bhai jaan'' he pointed out at an official from the parade.

I handed over the paper indian flag to him and gave him a hug before making my way to the parade.

''Janaab, ye kya chal raha hai? Aaj kuchh hai kya?'' I asked the same official.

''What? What the hell are you asking Sardar ji? It's Republic day ! 26/01/2016'' he yelled at me.

''Oh i see, i am sorry. Yes it's republic day today'' I smiled.

''Indian hi ho na?'' he taunted me.
''Very much an Indian SIR'' i replied with an extended ''Sir'' intentionally.

''Are you really sure that you're an Indian? An Indian never forgets Republic Day'' he laughed, much in sarcasm.

''Are you sure that you're a human? A human never forgets Humanity'' i smiled and pointed at that mid aged man. He now knew what this conversation was all about.

''Wo sirf ek gareeb hai. Use Parade se nahi, Stalls mein lage khaane se matlab hai'' the official answered.
''To ek Indian mein itni insaaniyat nahi hoti ke kise gareeb ko ek waqt ka khana khila de?'' I asked. I called up the man with a gesture and served him with food from the stall.

''I am not looking at you as an Indian Sir, i am looking at you as a human. I would like to shake hands with you if you permit. Happy Republic Day. No hard feelings'' I offered a Handshake to the Official.

He realised his mistake, shook hands with me and went back to his duty after wishing me a happy Republic day.
So ironic is the fact that there is somewhere an Indian in every Indian but the human part is still behind dark curtains.

''Kitna khoobsurat hoga ye Hindustan jab har hindustani mein ek hindustani ke saath saath ek insaan bhi hoga''

#Jai Hind

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